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Millie Bobby Brown - 200 Icons [22 Jan 2018|10:03am]


1. 20 Animated, 190 Stills.
2. She's my current muse - love this girl. Such a sweetheart.
3. One of these icons is with Maisie Williams! :D

THESE + 197 MORE )

[22 Jan 2018|09:41am]


Look. I know you're not feeling the game, you haven't made an effort from the very beginning. I actually wish you'd drop rather than draw this out even longer.

[22 Jan 2018|05:21am]


You know, I'm a patient person.

What I can't handle is you never communicating with me OOC anymore, and every conversation we have is like pulling teeth, trying to get you to say more than one sentence to me or replying with an emoji. Especially when I see you constantly posting Discord chat logs and memes from your other RP partners, and bragging on Tumblr about all the plotting you do in PMs with them.

Cool. It's clearly a problem with me. Guess we aren't Best Friends / "wives" anymore, like you used to claim. You've moved onto the next big thing and I'm old hat. That's fine. It's really fine, I get it. But instead of ignoring me and dragging this shit out, pull the trigger piglet.

[21 Jan 2018|10:29pm]


Hey guys, just letting you know that right now I'm in a program for graphic design that has me running ragged this quarter, usually with 12+ hours of class and homework every day except Sundays. Most layouts have been updated from the whole Photoshop-is-Crap-Gate, but if there's a layout or icon set you need, you can let me know and I'll try to upload it for you. I do have plans to get things updated fully, and even make new sets and layouts, but it's probably not going to happen until summer.

[22 Jan 2018|02:50pm]


Samirah al-Abbas from Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard: Sixteen-year-old Iraqi-Arab girl with brown hair and eyes, optionally hijabi. Ideas besides Alia Shawkat, Iman Meskini, and Soma Bhatia with caps and/or icons?

[22 Jan 2018|12:58pm]


If I weren't already convinced you were only in RP to Mary Sue your character, I am now.

[21 Jan 2018|04:40pm]


I keep trying to make a cut ID with a picture and it's not working for me! I'm at a loss! pleeeeease helppp

[20 Jan 2018|08:23pm]


Ugh why did I agree to join your game and wake up muses that I haven't had active for ages? Your game is basically dead and I'm left with a bunch of characters and creative energy with no outlet. Love it. So much fun.

[20 Jan 2018|07:53pm]


can we stop being cringey in public? it's not cute, in fact it's giving me secondhand embarrassment and i can just about guarantee it's putting people off of joining.

[20 Jan 2018|04:25pm]


Same old tune, new faces. Too bad the rp world is such a small world. Good luck having your game survive past the 2nd round of adds.

[19 Jan 2018|01:41am]


I accidentally found your kink journal.

That's why we don't talk anymore.

I'm not normally one to judge, but ... yikes.

Layout: Periphery [18 Jan 2018|03:13pm]



Layout + Guide + Info at my journal

[18 Jan 2018|07:27am]


If it had been anyone else, I would have been an adult and given you that response that you are looking for. I would have told you exactly why I wasn't going to do the line. But because it's you - the same writer who I have come across so many times over the years - I am giving you nothing. You've flaked on me more times than I can count and you didn't even deserve me to tell you that I wasn't going to do the line to begin with. I know it's not me, because I have seen more than me complain about you - and yes, I have come across you in all of your forms, including the stalkery behavior one that lasted for multiple years on AIM. How you are dumb enough to think that people will be around at your will is beyond me. You act like people will stick around or continue to have lines with you when constantly stalk new lines, yet are only popping in and out of the ones that people agree to with you every few months - if that. I'm not wasting my time. Too bad you know all of your shortcomings and change journals every month so that people don't know it's you all of the time - I wouldn't have wasted that time to start with had I.

Unrelated: I know you are going through a rough time in real life. That's the only reason I haven't pushed the issue. But honestly? I should push the issue. Instead, I am just letting you go. From this point on, if you want our lines to work, make them work. Otherwise, I'm not putting in the effort to get zero return.

Also unrelated to either of the top ones: I'd love to know what it is about myself that attracts flakes. I know that's kind of the new standard with IJ roleplayers (or any roleplayers really) these days, but damn...I feel like even SLPs that I've had for years have flaked on me lately. It's rough. I think it's time to keep to the two that stick with me and write solo writings in the meantime.

[18 Jan 2018|05:37am]


i'm losing interest in this line because you move at a turtle pace with me but put all your energy into your other line. it's hard to sustain interest when you are given so little to work with. why didn't you let me find the line with someone else if you didn't care?

[16 Jan 2018|05:29pm]


Re: Backstabbing

Just so we are all clear, let the following be stated for the 1,999,999,999th time.

That will be all.



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