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[21 Jul 2017|12:35am]


Your Newt Geiszler from Pacific Rim but you're now a woman, who do you look like?

[20 Jul 2017|11:35pm]


Does anyone know where I can find a cute family tree code? I have hunted around and seen a couple. If you know of a cast list/character roster that could work as a family tree that would be awesome as well!

[20 Jul 2017|07:55pm]


i gave you an out, so what was the point in leading me on?

two for one vent [20 Jul 2017|09:15am]


1: well there's playing with yourself and then there's playing with yourself playing with yourself. good luck with that.

2: thanks depression for being a little bitch and fucking things up as usual.

[20 Jul 2017|02:37pm]


I'm over the pettiness of this server. Why can't we all act like the adults we are?

[19 Jul 2017|06:11pm]


That feel when you don't know if the game you're interested in is dead or not.

Timeline Codes [18 Jul 2017|06:08pm]



Code + Guide + Info at my journal

Layout: By a Thread [18 Jul 2017|04:56pm]



Layout + Guide + Info at my journal

[18 Jul 2017|02:51pm]


Is it too much of a hassle to tell me that you weren't feeling the line? Apparently so.

And on another server, your character played with my character's emotions, getting her hopes up of them getting back together, only to back away and then jump into a new relationship. Plus, you said that your character needed time to be themselves. Contradiction much?

[18 Jul 2017|10:26pm]


It's an awful time right now for icons, but does anyone know of any pbs who have icons in drag and also a decent selection of non-drag icons?

[18 Jul 2017|12:58pm]


that feeling when someone you have two scenes going on with, suddenly tells you they can't tag because they're sick and then you go and see game ad journals filled with their posts, their comments to others and their bio in a brand new game posted all on the same date.

EDIT: Thank you! You've done me a huge favor. Good luck with your game.

Image Hosting [18 Jul 2017|03:53am]


So, as some of you may know and some may not, Photobucket has changed their TOS and are breaking third party hosted images unless you pay four hundred bucks a year. That means it's no longer viable and all old images will need to be rehosted for those of us who have been 'caught' and received the dreaded email that tends to go directly to spam. (Also, frankly, everyone should back up their stuff just in case, as the Photobucket Facebook has people reporting not even being able to see their images on the site itself.) Imgur doesn't allow use as a 'content delivery network,' either, so it's not a good alternative. Anyone know where to host images now?

[18 Jul 2017|01:00am]


would anyone happen to have a few spare codes they could pm to me? i don't know if this place is still active anymore but i've been away from ij for a while and a lot of my journals were purged without me being able to use their codes first. :( even just one code at the moment would be so, so appreciated! ♡

Telegram! Telegram here! [17 Jul 2017|03:10pm]


Hello! First time poster!

I'm playing a steampunky game, and I wanted to know if there was a fun, easy way to set up code so my players could post telegrams to one another in game. Like, embed images of telegrams with text overlayed into a post.

For example: this as a background image, with a textbox over it that could be typed into with an old-timey all caps font.

Any help would be appreciated!

[17 Jul 2017|03:54pm]


when you have high hopes that a scene will be interesting but then it's just.... not.

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