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[22 May 2017|03:21am]


The ladies who played Jackson Rathbone, Ben Graupner and Jerad Anderson at some community, I played Ben J. You guys were so welcoming and it felt like a brotherhood (all things considered ;) ) The show came up on Facebook memories and I was just thinking about the good ol' days.

[22 May 2017|10:14pm]


ugh. really? thanks, that's welcoming.

[23 May 2017|12:01pm]


You're the mod? Well, after the experience I had modding something with you, I went and deleted the hold I had. No freaking way am I going near you again, in games or gpsls. Damn.

[22 May 2017|05:23pm]


rachel keller
372 icons // tv: legion

--- )

[20 May 2017|03:26pm]


Hello! I am starting up my first ever icon journal and I am currently taking requests! If you would like someone specific and you like the way I make my icons; please comment here!

[20 May 2017|11:45am]


I get that sometimes lines don't work out. Whether it's something as simple as a scheduling conflict between writers or if characters simply don't click, that's fine. I can deal. But ignoring my ooc and ic comments and taking up our line with someone else? Not cool, man. Instead of pushing me into the dark, at least drop me a note like, "I don't think this is working out, sorry!" I feel like that dude from Office Space who is always looking for his stapler.

[20 May 2017|01:21am]


Who invited you?

Presumptuous writers are not cool.

[20 May 2017|01:38am]

yes yes i know i'm up late on graduation eve BUT three things

1. cap
2. i'm getting very excited for ~rebuilds, so much that i finished my fourth! henry's over at ~brocklehyrst if yall wanna take a look :) also why i'm leaving this unlocked in case anyone i'm not friends with wants to stalk him too. and as a reminder, stephen (~corning), geoffrey (~hoopered), and david (~irkuhart) are also coming along.
3. um also it's super-flattering that people have actually been using my caps and it just makes me happy so i wanted to acknowledge all you beautiful people who have so. thank you so much, guys!

okay i need to sleep big day tomorrow!!!!

[19 May 2017|12:55pm]


Did I miss the RP memo that when someone is searching for a long term line it really means for only three days? And that's if you even get to a scene/ic customs.

[18 May 2017|08:08pm]


i never really understood how people could have three different scenes going on for one character on three different days. What if something dramatic and life altering happens in the earlier scene to affect them later? Or are threads so boring and predictable now that people aren't worried about continuity? Also angst is great but omg she's become so annoying with the self pity.

[17 May 2017|09:38pm]


Wow....I never thought I'd actually meet Regina George and Gretchen Weiners in rpland, but I did.

[17 May 2017|10:17am]


When there's a new game out and you're looking through the cast list and it's just like, oh, okay, there's where my PSL partners have gone. Sniffles.

Edit: And now I'm thinking of actually joining this game and, wow, nervous. I haven't been in a game for years but this one looks really good, even though panfans usually intimidate the shit out of me.

[17 May 2017|02:14am]


I have 20 codes behind the cut. Feel free to use what you need, but don't take more than that. Please comment to let others know which ones are taken.


codes under cut )

[16 May 2017|09:33pm]


Some people need to remember that at the end of the day, this is just RP, and we are all writing fiction. None of it is real. So 👏 stop 👏 taking 👏 things 👏 so 👏 damn 👏 seriously. Let people write what they want to write. There are bigger problems in the world.

[17 May 2017|12:16am]


the feeling when you want to join a community but you don't feel like getting stalked by a certain someone / having them actively try to sabotage you ooc / having to make sure anon commenting isn't enabled just so you don't get spammed with hateful albeit spineless anon comments.

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