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[22 Aug 2017|05:23pm]


when you're all excited to try your hand at a new character who you're quickly falling in love with, only to find out that the majority of their co-stars in the community are self-absorbed, cliquey twats (and apparently your char doesn't make the cut). and to top it off, it seems everyone else in the comm is reluctant to talk to your char BECAUSE of the cliquey twat reputation of the co-stars.

[21 Aug 2017|11:42pm]


I don't want to be done, but I don't know if I can take much more of people who don't seem to care.

[21 Aug 2017|05:57pm]


anyone know any other websites like nutty themes, that does scrapbook/blog pages (like this and this)? the code urls are all 404 on this one, so i was hoping to find more sites that do layouts/blog pages

[21 Aug 2017|10:54am]


I want to fill this line so bad. If it was a het line, it would be filled in hours. But because it's a femme line, that's a little more difficult it seems. It also doesn't help that my other writing partners aren't available to write the line with me or their other muses are louder.

I can picture the scenes so clearly, like a movie.

I also don't want to take her to a community, because I prefer one-on-one lines. Plus, activity checks just stress me out, especially with the job I have.

I've seen plenty of rants on here where female characters don't really get the love that male characters do. As a writer of male characters in het lines, now, I can empathize with those writers. It is true, filling those roles can be difficult.

[21 Aug 2017|04:29pm]


I know that sometimes character voices don't develop the way a player expects them to, but it still hurts when a line you thought was going to be great ends a lot sooner than you wanted it to.

[20 Aug 2017|10:19pm]


I come seeking parents!

You're Melissa Benoist and you have a brother in Finn Jones circa Iron Fist and a possible sister in Anne-Marie, who is mom and dad?

I'm currently looking at Bryan Adams and Dexter Holland for dad if that helps as well. Mom also has a sister in Michelle Gomez from Doctor Who.


[20 Aug 2017|03:47pm]


Just make up your mind and stick to it.

[20 Aug 2017|12:40pm]


lol based on that one tag you contributed, your writing sucks too. Bye Felicia. (Is that still a thing?)

[20 Aug 2017|09:28am]


The frustration of pouring your heart into creating a game, a world, for people to come play in... and then not knowing how to attract players :(

I've made everything as pretty as I know how, and I've advertised everywhere I can think of. Where do the players go to find games these days? And what are people looking for in a game?

[19 Aug 2017|12:03am]


I'm so frustrated. Like most of us I want just one active line to love but its been like 6 months of searching and trying to no avail, im starting to think its me.

[19 Aug 2017|11:49am]


Please stop conflating fiction and reality. He's a fictional murderer, not a real one, and it's okay for people to ask for fandom lines against him.

I'd also prefer people not to police who wants lines as or against controversial celebrities, but that's a different vent.

[19 Aug 2017|01:00am]


In light of an official piece of artwork being leaked, I'm looking for a new PB for Charlie from the Five Nights at Freddy's bookverse. She's 17-18 and stated in her home book series as being white. She also has a facial scar, but the PB doesn't need to, I can just mention it if need be. Also, she's kind of unkempt and doesn't really care for fashion, though she is still adorbs. Thanks!

[18 Aug 2017|03:31pm]


lmao. the fact that other people are finally seeing you for the manipulative, disturbed writer that i always knew you were. karma is a bitch.

[18 Aug 2017|02:47pm]


I'm looking for someone to play Singularity (photo manips will be involved). I'd like someone who looks youthful, but preferably is not under 18 if I can avoid it; who has lots of pics smiling, or with childlike wonder; energetic, curious, happy. Not someone who never smiles in their photos. Needs to have shoulder-length or longer hair.

[17 Aug 2017|08:26am]


That awkward moment when you realize you might be done with RP and you can't decide if you want to email an old PSL partner to see if you can try to hold on or just let it go.

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