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[18 Jun 2018|10:23pm]


my physical health has gone to absolute shit, my personal life is a disaster and I'm only worried about the fact I can barely hold my own in my lines. I am so sorry, I'm trying!

usernames i'm getting rid of [18 Jun 2018|07:49pm]


This is really one of the only resource-type communities I follow and I couldn't find anything about this in the rules, SO

I haven't been on IJ in about a year and I'm doing sort of a digital purge of ... everything online. My unused usernames are here for the taking. -- or buying, really. I have some without invite codes for $3 and some WITH invite codes for $4. I figured that was fair, since they go for $5 each if you're going to buy a rename token and take a purged name.

If I don't sell them off, I may eventually meander back in and delete them so they go back into the purged slush, but that'll still take 30 days (I think?) on top of how long it takes me to wander back here to kill 'em. So the offer is good until... whenever.

eta: Also I tried to add the appropriate tag to this and it wouldn't let me. :( help me, [info]tessisamess, you're my only hope.

[17 Jun 2018|10:18pm]


I'm looking for a child who could grow into John Patrick Amedori. Brown hair and cute/boy-next-door are my main requirements - brown eyes would be ideal but not necessary. To look at least 5, no more than 10 - ideally 7 or 8. Cannot be a young Ian Armitage as he's cast. I've been looking at Gattlin Griffith, Jacob Tremblay and Max Records but I'm not quite sold on any of them - any suggestions? I can make icons if need be.

[16 Jun 2018|11:13am]


Ok I'm going mad looking for this because I FORGOT TO ADD IT TO MEMORIES. Oops.

Someone posted a tutorial on how to bulk download images from galleries to icon. Anyone know where it is?

[15 Jun 2018|03:50pm]


My opinions matter.

If I'm not agreeing with you or doing it your way. This doesn't mean I'm being difficult, trying to cause an argument, or am wrong in any way. It's just I don't actually have to agree with you or have my characters/plots go the way you want them to.

If my character is connected to your character and it's a major plot development for my character, I'll give you a heads up. This isn't asking for permission. It's being a good player. It's just letting you know what's going to happen. If you have negative opinions about the plot, I understand but please understand that my characters are for my enjoyment. I dont want to be made to feel bad about something I want to do just because you have a problem with it.

[14 Jun 2018|07:33pm]


1. y'all are just control freaks
2. it's really obvious sometimes when white people are playing black people on this server.

[14 Jun 2018|01:43am]


i feel like there's no point to rping unless you already have a clique in the game. it's so imposssible to get romance or even friendship lines that the other person actually wants to keep unless you're 'in'. you can't just join a game and get lines anymore, even if you ask for them or offer them.

I also just feel like such a failure lately. I can't get lines. I can't play my characters properly. RP is pretty much my only escape and I'm shit at it compared to a lot of people out there.

[13 Jun 2018|06:57pm]


Sorry to post so close together, but damn... This is getting out of hand and I don't know how to get a handle on it.

[13 Jun 2018|03:43pm]


What makes a hero? How adaptable is man? Without that, what remains? Where did we go wrong?
What don't we know?

HYPOTHESIS: The root of humanity's current crisis is an ill-fitting and over-reaching government which does not meet the needs of its people. We posit that by examining exceptional examples of humanity from a variety of worlds that we can identify the nature of mankind through its aspirations and responses to environmental stressors. Through these observations, the Wittgenstein Institute will determine the best methods of governing which will then be recommended to the International Armed Services Alliance for the Colonization of Novel Planets.

  1. In order to examine the fundamental nature of man, heroism, and survival, we at the Wittgenstein Institute will subject heroic individuals ("specimens") to a variety of alternate world simulations, problem-solving tests, and psychological examinations.

  2. Individual Wittgenstein researchers shall divide care of specimens into separate communal housing which reinforces central goals of their respective philosophies.

  3. Specimens will be humanely sacrificed at the end of the experiment.

Experiment Sequence 2 begins 1 June 2018

[info]datasetmods is a panfandom, immersive world RPG where extraterrestrial researchers have abducted fictional characters to partake in a series of experiments in a rotating world environment with the intent of studying human nature, spontaneous group and government organization, and stress response based loosely on theories of major philosophers. Play is predominantly social, though overarching plot and intermittent focused plot is also planned.

The Researchers | The Wittgenstein Institute | The Specimens | [info]incompletedata

Mobile Link | Rules | FAQ | Wanted | Holds | Apply

[13 Jun 2018|03:32pm]


I understand having a comfort zone in characters. I get it.

But holy redundant characters, Batman. I honestly feel like I'm interacting with the same character no matter who responds.

It would be different if some of them were written well, but the ones that are so painfully OOC just make it even worse.

And I realize how catty this might sound, but gosh darn.

[13 Jun 2018|10:05pm]


separate rants.

You don't care about me at all.

And you, I'm not reminding you of every tag you owe. I'm tired of holding hands. Play your character or don't. If it ends, then it ends.

Communication people, that's literally all it takes to make me happy. I'm not putting up with inconsiderate people anymore.if you're busy, fine just let me know. Takes two seconds for people to send a message these days.

[12 Jun 2018|10:45pm]


I wish there was an app writing service. Someone to take what I want and turn it into what I need. I just want to write the character but when I sit down to do the app, I just delete everything

[12 Jun 2018|07:02pm]

Cast of Displaced )

[12 Jun 2018|05:53pm]


Self vent. I thought I was well past this, and randomly my brain decides to make me dream about past RP sadness and loss so I wake up with the weight of memories on my shoulders. I know this is just a hobby, but I'm not sure hobbies are supposed to haunt you. Or maybe I'm being maudlin.

[12 Jun 2018|09:11am]


it's been over two years and I still have nightmares about modding that gpsl.

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