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[14 Dec 2017|07:31am]


The last 2 or 3 months, it seems like there has been one thing after another. Car accident. Went on vacation and came back to work killing me. Work continued to kill me. Out of town. Work murder. Sick. Out of town. Work murder. Sick. Work murder. Now, with the holidays around, I'm going to be going out of town again and busy for the next three weekends.

My poor SLPs - I know they probably think I'm lying when I tell them that life is just crazy right now. At this point, I've stopped giving excuses and I will just message them after Christmas and apologize profusely. Life...stop. Just stop.

Also...unrelated...writer, please don't die. I don't want my character to really be cursed.

Layout: Helium [13 Dec 2017|02:38pm]



Layout + Guide + Info at my journal

[12 Dec 2017|03:51pm]


Do everyone a favor, and just quit. You're not happy. You're making others unhappy. Bow out gracefully. It is time.

[11 Dec 2017|03:51pm]


I'm gonna put this under a cut because it might get a little long.
And I wanna spare your feeds.
This is starting to become bullsh*t. )

I don't think anyone here has run into the person I am venting about. Its been awhile since they were in public games.

[11 Dec 2017|03:06pm]


This holiday season has sucked the life out of me. I want to write but I also want to sleep. Retail is the worst.

[11 Dec 2017|12:26am]


i have a really, really strong prescription on my glasses but holy god. i am straining with so many posts in such goddamn tiny text. can people please find a happy medium between Aesthetic™ and readability? it's so. ridiculous.

[11 Dec 2017|11:04am]


Well, there goes my joining that game, ever.

I hate sexuality caps.

[10 Dec 2017|05:27pm]

Reminder that since AIM is dying, you cam find me discord at loinwonderland#7814. I think AIM is officially dead in nine days.

I am still looking for people at [info]valar. Valar is, for lack of a better description, a panfandom reincarnation game. It's set in Orange County California and has been going for years now.

I currently play Aino Minako from Sailormoon (calling any and all senshi), Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan (he and Armin would love the third member of their trio, so Mikasa do you want to keep your brother out of trouble? also a Jean to argue with would be awesome), Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club (she and Tamaki are looking for the rest of the host club), Regulus Black (Hey all Black cousins! You, yes you! Also I've been one of the very few Potter kids there for a while, so all HP characters, really), and Will Solace and Hazel Levesque from PJO/Riordanverse (there are a LOT of Riordanverse peeps, so the more the merrier honestly).

[09 Dec 2017|07:43pm]


It has to also be being away from my people around the holidays, but the ads for the Portland games have been making me so homesick that I put in an ETO request at work to visit friends and family. Fringe benefit: I can get my juicer that I left behind.

[09 Dec 2017|08:53pm]


Looking for a male dancer type, for a ballet company, aged late thirties to early forties. Doesn't have to have dancing icons or be a dancer - though it's fine if he is a dancer and I can work with icons. The face I had in mind is taken at the game, but I'm open to anyone, obscure or well known, doesn't have to be white either. Just that lanky, skinny, dancer-y type.

New on Tessisamess! [08 Dec 2017|12:53pm]



Code + Guide + Info at my journal

Learn how to do it!

This month on Do This, Not That!

[08 Dec 2017|10:17am]


Does anyone know of any programs that make icons on Chromebook? It's the only machine I have at the moment and I'd love to make some icons of the new Runaways show. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you!

[07 Dec 2017|01:13pm]


not strictly rp related but: jk rowling, i’m so disappointed in you.

[07 Dec 2017|09:48am]


it's always fun to see a player who ditched out on a game with no notice starting a new game where they ask players to remain active. ha ha, oh you.

also venting myself for not knowing how to word today [07 Dec 2017|09:25am]


please, for the love of god, cross-reference with your community's taken list before advertising for specific faces for that game.

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